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Arise New Generation

Portfolio Director: Cheryl Allen

In Africa a child dies every three seconds from AIDS and extreme poverty, often before their fifth birthday. Out of those that survive there are literally millions of children growing up without parents. Most of them, along with millions of others, live in dire poverty. South Africa has countless orphans and child-headed households. The areas greatly affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS are the rural area's where mainly old woman and children live. The middle population having died or moved to the cities for work.

It is a well known fact that at least three quarters of all people who come to know Christ do so in their youth. Arise New Generation seeks to reach out to as many of these disadvantaged children as possible, to reach them with the good news of Jesus and His love, to provide care and resources as we are able, and to develop godly character  - equipping children to rise up and live victorious lives in Christ.

Children outside the play centre tentTo this end our first project in Emmaus, Kwazulu Natal is up and running. We run a play centre where the children come to be cared for and fed on a daily basis. We are also busy preparing a gospel outreach programme that will be able to be taken to schools and presented in rural settings. We want the children to not only be reached with the love of Jesus but be included in a local family of God with ongoing care and teaching. Thus discipling them, as Jesus commanded, and assisting with education and character development. Raising a new generation who will stand for Jesus and against corruption and low moral values.

Practical Work


The children die first when Satan is aroused - always countless little ones have been lost every day since evil first began to prowl the earth and seek out those easily devoured. Some die a quick death by violence or illness.
Others perish inch by inch of neglect and the absence of love.